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1909- 2009 Our One Hundredth Year!

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A Strong Base

Tubelite® is renown for producing high-quality aluminum entrances and glazing systems. The company's products are well engineered and user friendly. Tubelite's tag line is “We're the dependable one,” and it's accurate. Their quality, service and product design make them a great source for small to midsize architectural projects.

Custom Entrances When You Need Them

A select distributor and fabricator of Tubelite architectural aluminum since 1981, Syracuse Glass is proud to be associated with the outstanding reputation that Tubelite has earned in the marketplace. We have a large inventory of stock material for fast service.

Our program also includes the on-site manufacture of high-quality entrances. Our Tubelite door product line includes:

Custom-sized narrow, medium, and wide-stile doors



Blank doors
Monumental doors
Auto showroom doors
Mall front sliding doors
Intensive Care Unit sliding doors
Doors with hardware supplied by others
Heavy duty tubular door frames
Doors with sidelites and/or transoms, fully assembled and delivered on our trucks
French doors with elaborate muntin work
Doors with removable mullions

For a complete listing of Tublite Products go to this link
Tubelite® | Product Types

We also offer all the high-quality accessories you would expect from a door specialist, including closers, panels, brake metal, continuous hinges, and more.


Eliminate the Guesswork

Our estimators are highly trained and experienced. Using state-of-the-art production software, we will transform your faxed drawing into a complete quotation, a bill of materials, fabrication drawings, glass size schedule, joint count, saw-cut count, and shop drawings—in fact, whatever you need to size up a job!

Take Stock in Syracuse

We stock a large selection of stock-length extrusions and standard narrow-stile door packages—36”, 42” and 44” singles, 60” and 72” pairs, in clear and bronze finish, with pivots, butt hinges or center pivots, and standard push-pull hardware, or panic hardware.
ICM Controls
From Start to Finish

Tubelite offers flush-glazed systems for 1/4” and 1” glass, two curtain wall systems, a ribbon window and thermal clip system, vent windows and casement windows that integrate with entrances in seven anodized finishes, 15 standard painted colors, or unlimited custom colors. Tubelite's finisher, Linetec, offers the best painted finishes and carries the best warranties in the industry— 5, 10 and 20 years, which meet AAMA Standards 2603, 2604, or 2605.

Reliable Lead-Time

As participants in Tubelite's Damage Free Guarantee logistics program, all Syracuse Glass material orders are delivered to our location weekly on a dedicated Tubelite transport. That means our customers can rely on Syracuse Glass for the shortest lead times in the area and outstanding customer service.
Open A New Door!

When you need a stock door, a strip center storefront, a mid-rise office building or a special entrance done right, Syracuse will deliver the right-sized solution, literally right to your doorstep by one of our trucks. So, open a new door, today. Take advantage of our single-source responsibility and short lead times.




Syracuse Glass was featured by the Syracuse Post Standard in an article about the redevelopment of the former General Motors Plant in Syracuse. 

We’re proud to be part of the Salina Industrial Power Park, a reuse of one of Upstate New York’s great industrial facilities.

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Check out our Tempered Glass Logos or our Insulating Glass Spacers. 

Many of our products have three numbers – the order number, line number, and piece number.  This permanent label is applied by a laser, with unique identification information from our powerful FENEVISION software. 

With this information, one can determine the exact size, exact glass make-up, the delivery date, or pricing - either by contacting our office, or from our website directly – even at a job site using a smart phone!



Our new state-of-the-art Glaston FC-500 tempering furnace makes the flattest, best looking tempered glass available anywhere! We are the second glass fabricator in the nation to install this new technology.

In addition to the full convection and precise computer controls engineered into this furnace by industry leader Glaston of Finland, we’ve added a Lite Sentry optical distortion measurement scanner. Each piece we produce is photographed and evaluated for deviation from flatness on line, in real time, and the results are immediately displayed for our furnace operators.

As a result, we can fine tune the furnace settings, and produce very flat tempered glass, even glass with high performance solar control low emissivity coatings, which are very challenging to heat evenly because of the way the coatings reflect heat energy.

We’re serious about producing high quality tempered glass. In 2002, Syracuse Glass bought a UNIGLASS full convection tempering furnace, the second in the US, and the first full convection furnace in our market area, and now also featuring a Lite Sentry scanning device. We continue to invest and improve our processes to maintain the quality advantage that we’ve earned over the years.




Advance Shipping Notices are available, by email or by fax, to notify you immediately after our truck is loaded the night prior to delivery, of all the materials to expect on the truck.

Phone or email Rick Pulver in our office at extension 52 or rpulver@syracuseglass.com if you’d like to be enrolled in this program.




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