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Syracuse Glass Company is an APPROVED FACTORY FABRICATOR of Opaci-Coat 300, a patented water based silicone coating with outstanding adhesion to architectural glass substrates, even those with reflective coatings!   Opaci-Coat 300 dries to a rubber-like elastomeric film, free of lead or organic solvents, capable of handling at any stage with no fear of personal or environmental harm – a true “green” building material.

Opaci-Coat 300 is a great product for use in building spandrel areas.  Syracuse Glass stocks nine standard colors, and custom colors and color matching is possible and cost effective.

For more information or samples, call us, refer to the technical information on our website, or go to www.icdcoatings.com.


OPACI-COAT-300® Silicone Spandrel
In-Stock Standard Color Options Available 
1-818 Black 
3-820 Harmony Gray
2-743 Harmony Solex
3-0770 Warm Gray
4-822 Harmony
4-975 Lava Bronze 
6-0025 Harmony Blue 
2-0225 Evergreen
0-0186 Light White 

Please note that when viewed on different monitors these colors will show slight to dramatic differences unless the given monitor has been calibrated.  Every attempt has been made to ensure the above colors are as close to the actual sample on glass as possible. Please contact us to request a free sample of your glass of choice.   


Jim Dwyer, a longtime leader of Syracuse Glass Co., passed away Aug. 5 after a battle with a chronic lung condition, Jim started at Syracuse Glass Co. in 1960 in a sales position, and went on to run the company. Jim Dwyer and his wife Kathleen bought Syracuse Glass in 1979. Back in the day, they were known as ‘Jim and Mrs. Dwyer,’ when Jim handled the management and sales roles, and Kathleen collected the accounts receivable, Those were tough times, with a recession and high interest rates. But together, they made it work. Jim Dwyer was also a leader in developing energy-efficient products. Energy efficiency is a big deal now, but Jim got Syracuse Glass into the manufacture of energy-efficient insulating glass back in 1972.


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